I work with many different types of eggs, including waterfowl.

Quail, pigeon, pheasant, guinea hen, chicken, brown chicken, duck, blue duck, goose, swan, emu, rhea, ostrich...and more.

I also do eggs with different levels of detail.

The type of egg, and the intricacy of the design, all go into the purchase price of an egg. 

These are original works of art, signed and dated by the artist.

In this section, you will find many varieties of eggs, and different levels of detail.

General pricing:

Chicken eggs of one or two colors and less detail, $20-$25

Chicken eggs with more detail, $30-$60

Duck, turkey and goose eggs - $45-$500
Rhea- $250-$500 
Ostrich - $350 to $650

Many designs are limited edition. I reserve the right to stop making them, in order to protect their unique character. 
Please ask me if you have any questions.

"Ride A White Swan." My tribute to Marc Bolan of T Rex fame. An Etched emu egg $450.00
Two of the many views of THRILLER. Goose egg.
Dancing in the Dark: Goose egg $105.00
Guns 'N Roses: An Etched Emu Egg: $450.00
Photos of the etched emu eggs are courtesy of Valerie Kohler Jurkowski
"White Wedding"
Over all etched lace pattern on a goose egg.
"It's a nice day for a white wedding..."

"Court of the Crimson King" Goose Egg. $130.00
Stained Glass Goose Egg $135.00