Each design has a great deal of meaning.
In Ukraininan tradition, if a woman wishes to have a baby, her friends and family will give her an egg with bees and wheat on it, symbols of fertility.
If the woman doesn't get pregnant in  reasonable mount of time, the man should be given an egg with acorns and oak leaves on it as those symbols represent strength and male potency.
This design was created for a friend to give Julia, who was trying to get pregnant.
The design has not only bees and wheat, but butterflies and pussy willows for a fresh start, in the center part of the design. 
This is surrounded by a band of ladder showing prayers going to heaven.
The next element is a vine with flowers, for love and happiness.
The center band of this egg has bunches of grapes which represent friendship alternating with stars showing the warmth of God's love.
The second side of the egg has, as it's center, a pattern of acorns and oak leaves, for male strength and potency.
It is circled by a ring of dots, called Mary's tears, synbolizing blessings which come from sorrow.(Which would describe labor, in my opinion!)
The band around the side are birds, for the fullfillment of wishes, interspersed with spiders for patience.
The blue background color is for hope.
Julia DID get pregnant. So have 5 other women who have received an egg with this design.
Each incarnation of this egg is slightly different. While the overall meaning remains the same, I often change some of the elements and the intensity of the colors varies from egg to egg.I usually work on duck eggs for this design, as they are slightly larger and can accomodate the detail I want to use. The price is $65.00. 

Julia's Fertility Egg
Dancing Goat
This is a peafowl egg. The dancing goat is symbolic to the friend for whom I designed this egg.
The flowers represent love and happiness.
There are also "ram's horns" for strength of character, "chicken's feet" for the protection of children, and  diamonds for wisdom  and knowledge.
In the upper band of diamonds are Wiccan symbols for the seasons and the elements.
These are followed by a band of leaves, symbolizing a fresh start, and also long life.
The central band of diamonds are the Wiccan calendar of the year, followed by another band of leaves
The last band of diamonds are Wiccan symbols for sunrise, sunset, blessings, peace and protection. There is another dancing goat at the bottom of the egg.
The Goat's horns and hooves are gilded with 18kt gold paint. The back ground color is blue, for hope.
 EMERSON PARK; created for my sister Easter 2010. Named for the park and carousel we loved when we were children
This will be a special order item, limited edition. I plan to make no more than 5 of these
Custom designed for a new baby; Felix
Special order wedding egg; in wedding theme colors. Birds for the fulfillment of wishes with roses for love and happiness.$135.00