Welcome to my website, my name is Mia.

My art form is based on 5,000 year-old traditions. it is a wax resist process on actual eggshells.

This art form is known as 'pysanka,' which is a Ukrainian word meaning 'to write.' (The plural is 'pysanky.')

I do all of the work free-hand, no decals, stencils or paint. 

I draw on egg shells with hot beeswax, which comes out of a miniature brass funnel. After I draw everything that I want to keep white, I dye the egg and then draw with wax on that color. I work from color to color, often light to dark, although I now use acid washing to change my color palette and to add texture and extra details to my designs.  When I finish the design, I have a dark, wax-covered egg. I heat the egg  and melt the wax off usinga heat gun- and the colors are revealed.

Each symbol has meaning based on ancient agricultural traditions. Each egg is a little story, with wishes for good health, prosperity, happiness or fertility.

Pysanky was originally a form of magic. I hope I bring that to it still.

Proud distributor of PysankyUSA waxes and Colorama dyes
Highland Lilac Series:
Rhea: $350.00
Goose: $150.00
Duck: $80.00
Turkey: $75.00
Chicken :$60.00
Quail: $40.00
All limited edition
Twilight's Breath:  chicken egg $35.00
"Hey-Sanna ..Sanna, sanna Hosanna.."
Lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar; Hosanna by Andrew Lloyd Webber
HOSANNA Turkey egg $75.00

Photo courtesy of Jeanie Peteresen and Woollybear.com
"Alice in Space" A Goose egg $125.00, inspired by the song of the same name by The Slambovian Circus of Dreams
"Beard of Stars" Ostrich Egg $600.00
Inspired by the third album (Named Beard of Stars) by a British folk band named Tyrannosaurus Rex. Later, this band morphed into T Rex.
"It's Such a Perfect Day".
Ostrich Egg $575.00. Inspired by the song, written by Lou Reed. 
The BBC compilation of this song is the actual inspiration; hearing all the lovely versions.
"Such a perfect day
You made me believe I was some one else, some one good."